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Our solution can provide an integrated view of core business processes, in real-time, and track business resources like cash, materials, production and commitments likes orders, purchase orders, and payroll.

Responsive Design

Our responsive and interactive website will do much more than just being a "nice" website, it will give your company instant credibility, enhance corporate image, and motivate visitors.

Application Development

Our responsive web application with reporting & charting can simplify IT complexity, facilitate seamless work flow for business operations, making them easy to manage and monitor.

Servers & Networking

Whether it be a Home Network to share a broadband connection, or a Business Intranet, we can make it a reality. Our tailored Networking solutions can help your business achieve its goals

Sharepoint development

We can greatly simplify the production of powerful database web applications that can be deployed natively to Microsoft SharePoint portals with data filtering and searching capabilities.

Content Management

Our content management system (CMS) makes the task of managing the website content much more easier. Clients can edit their own content and keep the information up to date.

e-Commerce development

Our Simple, Safe & Secure e-Commerce solution can provide great benefit to businesses from online sales and can meet businesses E-Commerce and Electronic Marketing needs./p>

Our web applications are built from scratch, including a sophisticated user interface with advanced features such as reporting and charting.

Features we offer

Efficient use of data can take your business to the next level by leveraging the data you already have and using it to improve decision making, business processes and the bottom line.

Universal User Interface

Our responsive web applications that can run on any Mobile / Desktop devices ensuring the best possible end-user experience on any device.


Auditing captures user identity and date of creation and modification of data. Auditing will maintain a detailed event log of changes to the data rows.

Smart Filtering

Smart filtering allows efficient narrowing of the data scope by selecting available data samples in fly-over menus of column headers.

Dynamic Access

Our web applications features dynamic access control rules stored in application database at runtime. Administrative user interface is provided.

REST Server

Our web applications can be turned in a powerful application server for custom applications on any platform supporting HTTP, JSON, and XML.

Built-in Reporting

Automatic reporting is available for every data object of our web application in PDF, Word, Excel, or TIFF format which is created on the fly.

Multiple Languages

Multi languages support featuring automatic localization of all standard application resources in local language requiring minimal maintenance.

Excel Like Data View

Users can edit data in a spread-sheet fashion using the same key strokes that are supported in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.

Active Directory Membership

We can configure our web applications to perform user authentication using Microsoft Active Directory groups defined by server administrator.

Every business has unique and useful data, a web application can distribute particular data to particular groups,
enabling better organisation and communication, so that the data works for the business.
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Choosing an agency tough. Let us convince you


We combine creative talent with proven web development technologies to achieve outstanding results


Our talented team of web designers and developers are highly skilled professionals


At oriental technologies we use the latest technologies offering first-class web development tools


To simplify IT complexity, facilitate seamless work flow and synchronize business operations

24/7 Support

Dedicated portal for support tickets and are responded within 24 hours


We are an enthusiastic team and work with passion. We will go the extra mile for a better customer experience

Our Expertise

A bit of background on our skills and expertise

Our talented team of web designers and developers are specialists in design. We combine creative talent with proven web development technologies to achieve outstanding results. Our websites use the latest technologies to ensure better experience.

Our strength includes creating ASP.NET/AJAX solution composed of a web application project and class library implementing a web site with navigation system, role-based security, membership manager, built-in data export and reporting, adaptive filtering, advanced search options, and much more.

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How We Do It

Working together to achieve great results

Analysis & Design

Before any design or development work begins, we take the time to understand how the solution will fit into your business, how your users/customers will want to interact with the system and what your competitors are already doing. The majority of the development project fails, and the main reason for this is that the project wasn't fully understood by the Client or the Development Company from the outset.

Next we create visual designs of the solution to confirm that we fully understand the requirements for the project before we start building the prototype. Any changes to the visual design required are simple to make at this stage so it's very important these are agreed now, we produce a written proposal that outlines your solution, explains the work involved, gives a time line and states a budget.

Prototype & Development

Now we have an approved Design and a Functional brief, We can develop a prototype that establishes a look for you system, allowing users to interact with it to see how the end product will appear and work. Changes to the functionality of the system are much simpler to make at this stage, compared to making changes during or after the Development.

Because we have made so much effort to understand and refine the system prior to detail coding, we now have an accurate Specification to ensure the Developers can focus on Quality - Usability, Performance, Robustness, Scalability and Security. Developers are not Designers or Usability experts, they need clear instructions. If you start requesting Design or Functionality changes during the Development phase, you will inevitably impact on the Quality of the finished Project.

Test & Go Live

Before the system goes live, we test it for Performance and Security. We have continually tested the system all the way through the design, prototyping and development phases to ensure it complies with our Quality Standards but only now is it possible to see if the completed system/website will perform as expected in the environment it will be required to operate in. Obviously we fix any bugs or issues that we find.

There are always last minute tasks during deployment, such as the creation of site maps, redirects, etc. that ensure a smooth transition between your old system and your new one, likewise with a completely new project. We plan to make this as seamless as possible.

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