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About Us

We are an Australian company, providing software solutions for small businesses driving their success.

Our talented team of web designers and developers are specialists in design and application development. We combine creative talent with proven web development technologies to achieve outstanding results. Our websites and applications uses the latest technologies to ensure better experience.

Our networks engineers can design and implement computer networks to support an enormous number of applications and services such as access to the World Wide Web, use of email, shared use of application and storage servers and printers as well as many others.

  • We are an enthusiastic team and work with passion.
  • We work hard to achieve great results.
  • We combine creative talent with proven web technologies.


Our solution can provide an integrated view of core business processes.

App Development

Our responsive web application with reporting & charting can simplify IT complexity, facilitate seamless work flow for business operations, making them easy to manage and monitor.

Website Design

Our responsive and interactive website will do much more than just being a "nice" website, it will give your company instant credibility, enhance corporate image, and motivate visitors.

Servers & Networking

Whether it be a Home Network to share a broadband connection, or a Business Intranet, we can make it a reality. Our tailored Networking solutions can help your business achieve its goal.

Why choose us?

We can deliver ERP software at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical ERP systems.

Every business has unique and useful data, a web application can distribute particular data to particular groups, enabling better organisation and communication, so that the data works for the business.

Efficient use of data can take a business to the next level by leveraging the that already existed and using it to improve decision making, business processes and the bottom line.

Responsive Design

We live in a BYOD world. From the smallest of phones to the most "Pro" of devices, we have all covered simplifying complexity and facilitating seamless work flow for business operations, making them easy to manage and monitor.

Integrated Security

Our applications are highly secured. Our outstanding access control mechanism restricts access to sensitive data. We also use proven database technologies ensuring that vital data is never lost and is protected.

24/7 Support

We are an enthusiastic team and work with passion. We will go the extra mile for a better customer experience. Our dedicated portal for support tickets and are responded within 24 hours.


Get more features, get more done.

Universal Interface

Our responsive web applications can run on any Mobile/Desktop devices ensuring the best possible end-user experience on any device.

Search Anywhere

Find anything you need, when you need it. Every non-form presentation of data offers access to sorting and filtering handled automatically.

Excel Like Data View

Users can edit data in a spread-sheet fashion using the same key strokes that are supported in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access.


Auditing captures user identity and date of creation and modification of data. Auditing will maintain a detailed event log of changes to the data rows.

Multiple Languages

Automatic language detection will replace all translated content depending on the user’s browser. At any time, change the language using a dropdown.

Active Directory

We can configure our web applications to perform user authentication using Microsoft Active Directory groups defined by server administrator.

Sazicor ERP

Take control of your entire business from production to sales with Sazicor ERP delivering great efficiency, flexibility and insight. Sazicor is changing businesses to compete and grow at a fraction of the cost and complexity of typical ERP systems.

Sazicor SmallBiz - Keep up with demand and ensure optimal efficiencies

SmallBiz is an all in one online system specifically designed to support the requirement of small businesses with their purchasing, sales and inventories. Sazicor SmallBiz is a better way to manage business delivering faster, simpler and flexible business management, at a lower cost and complexity of typical enterprise systems. Key functionality includes:

  • Purchasing - Manage your suppliers
  • Inventory - Optimise your stock
  • Sales - Accelerate sales
  • Mobile - Access data on the go

Sazicor eApp - apply and track progress of applications efficiently

It is an online system that can be customized to suit the need of an institution/organization that has a requirement to capture an application from their perspective student/customer. Sazicor eApp has been customized to support the business of an education agent, where applications can be efficiently managed via the portal. Key functionality includes:

  • Online application form capturing all necessary details
  • Documentation upload function
  • Easy tracking of application status and email correspondences
  • Mobile - Access data on the go